Eric Bonjour: President

Eric Bonjour is a graduate of École Polytechnique (X78), and holds an MBA of INSEAD. Before founding, Inc. in 1999, Eric was a director of the French media group Nouvel Observateur and Director of Multimedia Development at CLT Group of Luxemburg. In 1997 Eric joined Excite Inc. as the Director of Excite France. Co-founder of, Inc. in 1999, Eric is, Inc.'s President.

Fabien Hermand: VP Product and Marketing

Co-founder of the company, Fabien Hermand oversees UI design and product development of, Inc.'s various properties and drives the marketing strategy to increase the appeal and profitability of our brands and products. Prior to, Inc., he worked for the French TV Channel "Canal Plus" as author and director of various reports, sketches, and documentaries. He is also co-inventor of Bodypad, a Playstation Console accessory.

Fabrice Salmon: Chief Architect

Fabrice is a Software Engineer and holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics. Prior to co-founding, Inc., Fabrice worked for Paris-based Kaos SA on innovative linguistic software products and developed media audience models for important media players (Euro RSCG, Mediametrie). As, Inc.'s Chief Architect, Fabrice serves as an information strategy architect and he designed and manages the backoffice tool development that allows, Inc. to reach outstanding user management on all its properties.
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